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Two million people will be physically affected by Wind Turbines.

Wind Turbines produce noise.
The World Health Organization states that an acceptable noise level for human habitat is 30db, but Ontario allows a level of 51db for wind turbines.
Excessive noise pollution makes people sick.

There are wind turbines in Ontario whose noise levels exceed Ontario’s acceptable levels, but Ontario doesn’t enforce wind turbine noise.
Could you live with this constant noise?

Wind Turbines are built too close to residents in Ontario.
Experts say that turbines should be 5 km from people to have no ill effects.
Normally they are built at least 1 km from people.
In Ontario they are built 550 metres and closer to people.

People are suffering from shadow flicker.
Look at this video from Wisconsin. The same is happening in Ontario.

Who’s running Ontario? Our elected officials or the Wind Companies?

  • Wind Energy companies were the driving force behind the Ontario’s Green Energy Act.
  • Wind Companies can violate our Charter of Rights, supersede all municipal bylaws, and environmental & wildlife protection acts.
  • If a law or act interferes with a wind farm, wind companies are successful in changing it.
  • Any attempt to interfere with the development of a Wind project is against the law.
  • Anyone who signs a lease or sale agreement with a wind company must also sign a gag order.
  • Most Wind companies are arrogant and mob-like who bully, threaten or sue people to silence any criticism. Wind Companies use any means to eliminate  roadblocks that could affect their interests.
  • Over 100 communities are unsuccessfully fighting them.


Is this the Ontario you want to live in??.

  • As wind farms are added to the grid, the actual energy fuel added is minuscule.
  • People will be living without hydro because they can’t afford it.
    (In Germany, 800,000 people have had their hydro cut off, due to unaffordable rates from Wind Energy).
  • Wind farms are rubber-stamped approved at an alarming rate and generally on a weekly basis.
  • Wind companies perform their own studies regarding potential impacts on people, wildlife and the environment.
    The province does not verify these studies.
  • The Liberals are unable to provide locations of every Turbine in Ontario.
  • Below are grass-roots maps of some of the proposed Wind Farms
  • Ontario spent $6 Billion upgrading Niagara’s generating plants, only to divert its water energy to give wind precedence.
  • Wind energy is a welfare business. If there were no subsidizes, there would be no wind companies.
  • For every coal plant that was closed, nuclear energy was increased to match the equivalent.
  • Dalton McGuinty has moved out of the province.


Wind Farms Don’t Work


We are losing Rural Ontario
  • Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer, Arlene King, declared that Wind Turbines are not hazardous to those that live close to them. Yet, the College of Family Physicians of Canada produced a report (March 2013) stating

People who live or work in close proximity to Turbines have experienced symptoms that include decreased quality of life, annoyance, stress, sleep disturbance, headache, anxiety, depression, and cognitive dysfunction. Some have also felt anger, grief, or a sense of injustice. Suggested causes of symptoms include a combination of wind turbine noise, infrasound, dirty electricity, ground current, and shadow flicker.   http://www.cfp.ca/content/59/5/473.full[/]

  • Thousands who have complained to the government about turbine related illnesses are told they are faking it.
  • People surrounded by Turbines are unable to sell their homes or farms.
  • People are abandoning their homes for the sake of their health and well-being.
  • Towns and counties where Wind Farms exist are becoming ghost towns.
  • Farmers are moving to other provinces or getting out of farming, as turbines and their stray and dirty electricity are causing deformities in livestock.
  • A community that disputes approval for a wind farm may apply to the  Environmental Review Tribunal. But the ERT hearings are nothing more than a kangaroo court that are controlled by MOE and Wind Energy Companies lawyers. A community has never won a dispute.
  • Wind Companies pay less tax per turbine than the average home owner. Assessments were capped by the Liberals at a rate approximately of 3% of  actual value. Where a turbine that should be assessed at $2.5 million, the community can only collect taxes on an assessment of $75,000.
  • People have repeatedly requested meetings to discuss issues with the Liberals, but to no avail.


Turbines Are Obliterating Ontario

The LIberal’s gutted the Endangered Species Act (2007)
In July, 2013 the Ministry of Natural Resources amended the ESA that protected species by now allowing the construction of wind projects to override any of strict standards intended to protect at-risk species and their habitats.

Wind Farms will be:

  • Surrounding towns and small cities
  • Along every lake and beach
  • Too close to airports
    In June 2013, Transport Canada ordered that 8 turbines around the Chatham-Kent Airport be dismantled as they were too close.
    Prior to construction, Transport Canada issues 2 warnings
    about height restriction, but they were ignored.
    Samsung claims they did not receive the warnings.
    As of April 2014, the turbines remain standing.
  • Too close to schools
  • On Government Crown Land
  • Close to Provincial Parks
  • In Wetlands
  • In Bird Migratory Paths
  • In areas deemed naturally sensitive including endangered species
  • In protected forests
  • Wind turbines built near 4-lane highways are allowed to be closer than what signs are allowed by MTO. Eight kilometers of the 402 near Strathroy will be affected by wind turbines that will create flickering shadows on the highway.
  • Approximately of 600 foot high turbines with blades 300 feet long.
  • Using 100 foot high transmission lines along country roads.
  • In the U.S.A., high maintenance costs and high rates of failure has resulted in than 14,000 abandoned turbines standing rotor-less and rusted.


How the Liberals did it:

  • Scare people into believing that Ontario has dirty air and an energy crisis.
  • Repeatedly use the phrase “Wind is sustainable”.
  • Install unnecessary smart meters to promote time of use.
  • Promise that green energy will create 31,000 new jobs (there’s been 3800 since 2009, most of them are temporary)
  • Deem almost any area suitable for wind turbines.
  • Strip the demographic rights from cities and towns allowing wind companies to override local bylaws.
  • Close or restrict all provincial departments that deal with citizen/municipal concerns. If one’s rights are violated by a Wind company, there is no government body to investigate on the behalf of the people.
  • Announce to the world that Ontario is paying the highest rates for wind energy.


A Tangled Web?

It would appear that those who make money from “green energy” have close ties to the  Liberals. Below is one scenario.

Wind Companies are:

  • Not from Ontario and have no regard for our people or our environment
  • Registering as different businesses for each Wind Farm with Ontario-familiar names to appear as a local company and to limit liability.
  • Building turbines with no provincial official to inspect them.
  • Given access to any road in Ontario for transportation of turbines and transformers
  • Ignoring all road weight restrictions with their 40 ton loads
  • Given police escort for transportation and police “protection” against protesters.
  • Cutting down entire wood lots or forests for a one time use road
  • Effective July, 2013, they may destroy nests or kill eggs of any type of bird that is in the way of a wind farm including the bald eagle. They are exempt from the usual $10,000 fine. http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/stdprodconsume/groups/lr/@mnr/@about/documents/document/stdprod_105241.pdf Yet the construction of a bridge was shut down for several months because of a barn swallow’s nest.
  • Destroying provincial protected bogs, wetlands and endangered species. The Ministry of Natural Resources continuously changes policies to allow for Wind Farms.
  • Building wind farms in every bird migratory path.
  • Not required to put a bond to cover any damages
  • Building huge energy collectors (3-4 acres in size) throughout our country side
  • Installing high voltage transmission lines under farm land and along roads without insulation protection.
  • Suing communities who seek security deposits for their own protection.



  • Most turbines come from China and China opens a new coal plant every week to support this industry.
  • The Ontario Professional Engineers Society has determined our carbon emissions will increase by 48%. Gas plants running at 80% as backup to wind emit more carbon emissions than running at 100% 24/7 for energy.
  • Turbines are known as bird and bat blenders. If a blade doesn’t kill a bat, its turbulence will destroy its lungs. Bats are a vital part of our ecosystem and it is estimated that 6500 turbines will kill 65,000 bats per year. Turbines will kill millions of birds as wind farms are being built along every Ontario migratory path.


Energy Generation Facts

The Independent Electricity System Operator website shows the amount of energy in Megawatts (MW) that is currently generated for Ontario real time.




There are 500 Nuclear Plants in the world.  Ontario’s nuclear plants use the Candu Nuclear reactor which is the safest in the world.


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